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Genuine 8.8 ct SAPPHIRE, RUBY Gemstones, 14k White GOLD and 925 Sterling Silver, Magnificent Ring Jewellery Sz 7.5.

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This large 8.8 ct has an exquisite tone of dark blue Sapphire, almost like bluish green color. The orange-yellow-gold Sapphire gemstones are other unusual and eye-catching gemstones.

The ring is also adorned by small facet red Ruby all around the white gold.

14K White Gold coating 925 Sterling Silver, is a special combination of nobel metals, giving the jewellery the beauty of 14k White and Yellow Gold, with an affordable price. This combination is verified as tarnish resistant, and easy to clean with warm soap and water or simply wipe with a soft cloth, and placing the piece into its jewellery box, will further enhance its natural 14k Gold material.

Sapphire jewelry is a perfect gif for ladies born in the month of September and also to be worn during the month of September.
Ring Specifications
GEMSTONE: Genuine Sapphire and Ruby
HARDNESS : 9.0 Mohs Scale
SHAPE/CUT : Oval, Pear Facet & Round Facet
COLOR : Dark Bluish Green, Top Rich Gold-Yellow and Pink Red
CLARITY/GRADE: Transparent, Semi-Opaque
GEM SIZE : 14. x 10.0 mm (8.8ct), 1.0 mm (Rubies)
RING SIZE : US S 7.5; Australian & British P
HEAD SIZE : 38.0 x 20.0 mm
WEIGHT g /ct: 52.66 ct (total weight)
METAL : 14K WHITE GOLD Coating 925 Solid Sterling Silver

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