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AUTHENTIC BALTIC AMBER Lemon, Green and Cognac colors, 925 Sterling Silver, Design Pendant Jewellery!!

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Seamless and Elegant Baltic Amber sterling silver pendant in 4 colors.

Most amber specimens have pockets of air bubbles and various other inclusions.
Amber with clear transparency is more desirable than cloudy specimens. The most valuable amber stones are those that contain insects, plants or pyrite inclusions.

Amber is a power stone for the month of January birthstone.
Pendant Specs
Main Stone: Authentic Baltic Amber (Succinite)
Authenticity: International Amber Association
Gem size: 7 x 6mm (4x) and 3mm
Main Colour: Lemon, Green, Cognac
Total Length including bail: 6.8 cm
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver Hallmarked
Total Weight: 2.71g (including gemstone and silver)

NOTE: Please check the dimension of the jewelry before purchasing it. Some photos may make the gemstone or jewelry to look larger or smaller than their real size.


The Baltic region (Estonia, Latvia) is home to the largest known deposit of amber, called Baltic amber. It dates from 44 million years ago!! Although considered a gem, amber is a wholly-organic material derived from the resin of extinct species of trees.
In the dense forests of the Middle Cretaceous and Tertiary periods (10 and 100 million years ago), these resin-bearing trees fell and were carried by rivers to coastal regions. Amber found on the shores of the Baltic Sea is known as ‘Baltic’ Amber

How to Identify Genuine Baltic AMBER from Imitation:

Test 1 - The Static Test
Amber is warm to the touch and when rubbed it will become electro statically charged and will attract lint/dust particles and some very light items. Rub the bead briskly with a soft cloth to create heat then hold the bead over some small pieces of tissue. The amber should attract the tissue to the amber.

Test 2 - The UV/Black Light Test
Use a black or UV light. Real Amber, regardless of the colour will show up as either Blue or a Yellow butterscotch Opaque colour under a ultra-violet light. Copal will show up as white while plastic does not react at all to the light.
A very reliable test although obviously not everyone has access to a UV or Black Light.

Test 3 - The Acetone Test
Copal (immature resin) and plastic do not hold up to solvents. Take a few drops of acetone (fingernail polish remover) or alcohol and drip it over the surface of your piece. If the surface becomes sticky, or the fluid takes on the colour of the bead or piece of amber, chances are it's not genuine.
Amber will not be harmed and will not dissolve under these solvents.

Test 4 - The Hot needle Test

To stick a heated needle into an imperceptible place in the Amber (a hole of a drilled bead, etc.). If you smell definite pine-tree resins it means it is real amber. Attention: Baltic Amber is Fragile - sticking with a hot needle you will notice some cracks, while a needle will pierce plastic without cracking it.

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