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Sz 8, Blue OPAL (simulated), Swiss MARCASITE & Black ONYX, 925 Solid Sterling Silver Edwardian Style Ring.

  • $59.00

This magnificent Man-made simulated Opal has an internal structure that resembles of precious opal, which also makes it diffract different shades of blue light.

Whether you’re buying a gift or treating yourself, purchase lab-created stone jewelry from a trusted jeweler, who discloses what your stone is and how to care for it. Just as there are different quality levels in natural gems, the same goes for lab-created stones. Make sure you understand what you’re getting for the money you’re spending, especially when paying a premium for a piece.

Opal is a perfect gift for October birthstone's people and for the 14th anniversary
Ring Specs
Gemstone: Opal Man-made simulated gemstone, Swiss Marcasite, Onyx genuine gemstones
Locality: Australia
Opal size: 3.14g
Ring size: US Sz.8; Australian & British Q
Ring measurements: 20 x 27mm
Ring weight: 6.98
Metal: 925 Solid Sterling Silver