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Super Shinning 14K WHITE GOLD Coating 925 Sterling Silver, Seed Style Chain Necklace 16 to 17.8".

  • $39.90

A high quality 14K White Gold-plated 925 Sterling Silver chain. The superior quality of the chain is immediately felt when you touch the chain, it feels smooth as a pure 14k gold chain.

The 14k White Gold Coating gives an extra shiny, chic and durable effect. Most of all will not tarnish, change the white gold color when sweating, and it is easy to clean with a flannel cloth or just warm water and body soap.

This beautiful chain is a perfect match for your 14k White Gold and gold-plated pendants.

Chain Specifications:
- 100% genuine 925 sterling silver as a core metal;
- coated with 3 layers of white gold and polished with the advanced German technique to provide shine and guarantee longevity;
- the chain clasp passed over 5000 times of opening and closing tests;
- Diameter: 1.2 mm; and
- Length: 16 to 17.8 inches. The end of the chain has a link chain where you can adjust the length.