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Intarsia Frame Zen Pendant crafted with blue sky Amazonite, earthy Aventurine and Red soil Jasper on Agate Gemstones beaded necklace.

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A Unique Zen Pendant of Intarsia Cabochon, framed with black obsidian, with the main colors of a landscape. Amazonite picturing a blue sky, Orange Aventurine picturing a high mountain and the Red Jasper picturing a rich soil. A piece of nature translated through this artistically crafted Intarsia Cabochon.。

The outer part frame is made of black obsidian, and the inner part is amazonite, aventurine, jasper Gemstone.

Amazonite is a natural birthstone of those born in March and April.
GEMSTONES: Genuine Amazonite, Red Jasper, Painting Jasper, Reconstituted Obsidian, Agate Beads
Intarsia Weight: 20.979 gram.
Intarsia Dimension: 40 x 31 x 7mm (1.6x1.2x0.3 inch)
What is Intarsia Cabochon or Intarsia Frame (Picture)?

An intarsia cabochon is 2 or more pieces of (usually) different types of ‘slice’ gemstones that are epoxied together.

The sequence to make an intarsia picture is first to design on paper and choose appropriate gemstones. Then the design on paper is cut and put onto a gemstone to draw the original design on the gemstone. Then the gemstone goes through the process of sawing, lapping, grinding, cementing and mounting methods for making a simple intarsia picture.

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