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Genuine Blue Imperial JASPER Gemstone Slices, Yellow 18K Gold-Plated Clasps and Gold-plated Chain, Statement Necklace!!

  • $65.00

A chic and stylish chunky necklace to contrast with your black, brown, red, white dress/top.

Imperial Jasper is considered to be one of the finest Jasper among all other jaspers. Other than pink, imperial Jaspers are too conceived to fleece out in tinges of brown, bluish, bottle green or emerald as well as in the markings like of Spiderweb.

Imperial Jasper is understood to be a royal Jasper as it extrudes out the high percentage of dendritic and egg like projections.

Imperial Jasper is the birthstone of Leo and Capricorn zodiacs, and March & October.
Necklace specs:
Gemstone: Genuine Imperial Jasper
Locality: Mexico
Hardness: 6.5- 7.0 Mohs scale
Gemstone size: 15 x 22mm - 27 x 44mm
Necklace length 20.75 inches (53 cm)
Necklace Weight: 86 g
Metal: 18 K Gold-Plated Chain

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